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Behind The Scenes On Flo's US Tour

Behind The Scenes On Flo's US Tour

Mon 27 Jun, 2011

Flo has been wowing fans across the US for the last couple of weeks with a string of stunning shows and her team from Luv Luv Luv have been with her all the way.

If you head to their blog right now you can check out some great behind the scenes pictures from the tour.

Click here to check out Flo's adventures in the States now.

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  • Hey Flo! are you going to Rome any time soon? I wish I could go to a concert! your music is so great!

    Posted by AdrianaOU on Sun 04 Sep, 2011

  • Florence and the Machine are the only ones left on my "Must See Live" list. Any news on when you will be in Australia next?

    Posted by bearpayne on Mon 29 Aug, 2011

  • Wow it would be awesome if there was a concert in Mexico (Puebla or Monterrey i dont know i think any place is a go

    Posted by sekayujora on Fri 19 Aug, 2011

  • Hi Florence Welch. My name is Devon Lima & I am 12 years old. I am absolutley your biggest fan. I would give up anything to come see one of your concerts but, sadly we don't have enough money to buy any tickets. My faorite song is swimming because I love that it is so different from the other songs & I love the music. I hope my songs remind you of swimming, but don't for get them. -Devon Lima

    Posted by Minkey117 on Wed 10 Aug, 2011

  • oops i think i spelled something wrong aaaaahhhhhhhhh

    Posted by ;-)Florence Welch on Mon 08 Aug, 2011

  • hey FLO, i wish u could come to CONNECTICUT- i need some excitment and i highly recomend u for the performance- but if u cant come to CT i can go to any closer places where u already can perform- cant wait to c u x

    Posted by ;-)Florence Welch on Mon 08 Aug, 2011

  • You need to come to Seattle, everyone loves you here, seriously, everyone.

    Posted by Flo Fan on Sat 06 Aug, 2011

  • please come to omaha,nebraska i love you!!!

    Posted by werewolfgirl400 on Fri 05 Aug, 2011

  • Washington PLEASE! You are incredible and so insporational and i would be so happy if you could preform at the tacoma dome or at a seattle venue!

    Posted by baileeeee on Wed 27 Jul, 2011

  • Please come to Red Rocks in Colorado. You have a lot of fans here and I think you would be amazed by the venue.

    Posted by tcthomas4 on Sun 10 Jul, 2011

  • I have loved flo for ages and the way she just always includes her band well instrument players in the fame so she is nice(obvisously)and loyal

    Posted by sasha9 on Sat 09 Jul, 2011

  • Ms. Welch, I truly appreciated your performance in Wisconsin, as anticipated absolutely stunning. I have yet to be disappointed by the talents of your voice (nor do I think it ever possible) You've held me captive since Kiss With a Fist!! I hope you enjoy the little gift I threw your way... Just some fun pieces to play around with. What girl doesn't like unique accessories!? Cheers to your brilliant stage presence and elegant style. Respectfully, Miranda Cady

    Posted by Cady.Mira on Thu 07 Jul, 2011

  • the LIVE page doesn't work. Whyt? I'm desperately hoping for more gigs this sumer

    Posted by Ted Blades on Thu 07 Jul, 2011

  • Saw on a video where Florence is a Gilmore Girls fan. Wanted to urge her to watch 2005 episode He's Slippin' 'Em Bread... Dig? where in an homage to The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Lane's band goes down in flames during a showcase. Saw the Indy show and as I expected, the intimate outdoor setting made experience all the more spectacular. Good luck with new album and can't wait to see you in States next time around.

    Posted by primape on Thu 07 Jul, 2011

  • Flo, my best friend and I had the honor of sitting front row at your show in Indy. It was such an AMAZING show and we really just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your music. Your band is amazing and I have never attended such a great performance. We hope you make a habit of coming back! :)

    Posted by mati18 on Wed 06 Jul, 2011

  • Flo come to California!!! to the small town of San Pedro

    Posted by fangbanger on Wed 06 Jul, 2011

  • Flo, thanks so much for helping us celebrate the 4th in Indy. It was my daughters first concert and the first time i saw you live. WOW...phenominal show. your music moves my soul and inspires my creativity. looking forward to the new music.

    Posted by ck.leonard on Tue 05 Jul, 2011

  • Enjoyed your show in Atlanta so much, cannot wait for the new album!

    Posted by pittmanj on Mon 04 Jul, 2011

  • Atlanta sends it's love... can't remember the last time I saw a LIVE performance that was better than listening to the album !

    Posted by tluv1211 on Sun 03 Jul, 2011

  • need to come back to philly:) it was amazing♥ loved every second of it.

    Posted by florencerocksursocks on Sun 03 Jul, 2011