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New Signed F&TM Screen-Print

New Signed F&TM Screen-Print

Thu 23 Jun, 2011

To celebrate Florence & The Machine's US tour, which kicked off at Bonnaroo earlier this month, we're pleased to bring you this brand new hand-numbered screen-print, which is signed by Flo herself!

The run is limited to just 200 copies and is the third in a series of collectable screen-prints by London based designer Danny Sangra. Click here to buy your copy before stocks run out.

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  • Bought one a full month ago and just today recieved an email saying they dont have the posters signed to mail out yet. WTF! When ordered they didnt say "out of stock" or "on back order". One month later they figure this out?!!!

    Posted by kentukblue on Fri 05 Aug, 2011

  • I live in the USA and I bought mine over 4 weeks ago...it still is'nt here. But when it arrives, im going to frame and worship it! Flo forev, Matt

    Posted by mattman508 on Mon 25 Jul, 2011

  • Flotique down?

    Posted by love_flo on Wed 06 Jul, 2011

  • Bought it the other day! Definitely being taken care of by the universe, considering this week was the only week I could actually afford it. Great timing I tell ya. Can't wait to frame it, it means the world to me. Thanks Flo, xx

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Fri 24 Jun, 2011

  • Dang it! Why can't I just win it?!?! Writing contest?!?! Grr, I hate being broke... but awesome, nevertheless!!! Hope everyone else here can get one! ~PaperMassacre

    Posted by CanaryGurl101 on Thu 23 Jun, 2011