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Behind The Scenes With Florence

Behind The Scenes With Florence

Wed 25 May, 2011

Over the coming weeks on Florenceandthemachine.net we will be featuring four behind-the-scenes videos from Flo's adventures over the past year.

They include the recent 'In The Studio' piece with Flo and Isa Machine plus 'Letters From LA' and 'Letters From NY'.

There is also the brand new 'Never Fade Away' video which features exclusive footage of Flo visiting New Orleans.

Each Wednesday one of the videos will have pride of place on the website's front page for 7 days, starting today with the exclusive look at Florence in her studio.

Click here to watch it now.

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  • yay yay yay yay NEW ALBUM!

    Posted by JeSs~ on Tue 07 Jun, 2011

  • Can't wait for the new album, so excited :)

    Posted by EveL on Sun 05 Jun, 2011

  • How do we get permission to use a song from these loevly and talented artists for a short movie we are doing for the 48 hr. Film Project? We have no money, but their haunting sounds would fit into almost any genre' of film.

    Posted by Antlantasaurus Rex on Sun 29 May, 2011

  • omg the studio is so awesome!

    Posted by JeSs~ on Thu 26 May, 2011

  • Quando vocês vem ao Brasil??

    Posted by ronaldo dos santos on Thu 26 May, 2011