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Florence To Perform At The Oscars

Florence To Perform At The Oscars

Wed 9 Feb, 2011

 When the Hollywood stars hit the red carpet at the Oscars later this month they'll be joined by none other than our very own Florence Welch.

That's because Flo has had the honour of being invited to perform at the 83rd annual Academy Awards which takes place in Los Angeles on February 27.
She will be joined on stage by legendary composer AR Rahman for a live rendition of 'If I Rise', which featured on the '127 Hours' soundtrack.
Make sure you tune in for what is sure to be a stunning performance from Flo.

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  • Great job at the Oscars! I would love to do a short interview for my blog...I have written an article on Florence and the Machine and would love to follow it up with an interview...prmoran7@yahoo.com

    Posted by prmoran7 on Sun 27 Mar, 2011

  • i discovered you with 'the dog days are over' and looked more into your music, and have fallen in love with your sound and your attitude and nuance. you certainly are a force to be reckoned with. almost brought me to tears to hear you on the oscar's you did such a great job. i am a new fan, but i presume i shall be a permanent fan. i want to see you in dallas. hope you come back, but i will travel anywhere in texas that you perform, just to experience your concert.

    Posted by hyoncake on Sat 19 Mar, 2011

  • Wish we knew when she's gonna be on I mite record it then fast forward through all the crap lol

    Posted by megan-bronwen on Thu 24 Feb, 2011

  • i can't wait! FLorence uve got to come to St.John's! You probably fly right over us when you leave england. Either way good luck! :D we all know you're gonna do great! :D

    Posted by shane1 on Sat 19 Feb, 2011

  • I must say, that will be the only reason I will be watching the Oscars

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Thu 17 Feb, 2011

  • Amo Florence+The Machine!!!! Soy fanatica y aprecio mucho el aporte musical que le ofrecen a Chile. Saludos desde aca! (Ojala que se acaben los flaites) :P

    Posted by Sofia___ on Tue 15 Feb, 2011

  • yayy! this is the only reason that I'm gonna watch the oscars

    Posted by on Sun 13 Feb, 2011

  • No f-ing way...why can't I be independent wealthy and able to attend the damn Grammy's and Oscars to see this live?!

    Posted by Perplexing on Sun 13 Feb, 2011

  • I'm so happy for you ! I'M SUCH A BIG FAN ! When will you comme to Montreal ? (: Ps: Good luck and i'm shure you will be wonderful !

    Posted by Magaloo_pedalo on Fri 11 Feb, 2011