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Florence Joins Drake At London Show

Tue 11 Jan, 2011

Amazing scenes at Drake's London show this weekend when Florence joined the hip-hop superstar to perform live.

Drake played Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night and surprised fans by bringing Flo on stage during his song 'Fireworks', a track he originally recorded with Alicia Keys.

Check out fan footage of the performance right here.

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  • Flo's voice is so unique in this amazing/haunting/ethereal/gravitating way that its impossible to not love anything she does...just makes it hard to watch because I wish I was there. At least I got hospital beds in Indio :)

    Posted by perplexing on Sun 16 Jan, 2011

  • I think the same, it is great

    Posted by condushka on Fri 14 Jan, 2011

  • i listen to florence and the machine a lot and i think she sound great singing anything and everything

    Posted by naomidawes:) on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • Oh... wow! Flo can sing everything. It's just the fact. And 'cause she's so lovely, everyone craves to sing with her. And this perfomance... just "WOW!"

    Posted by BreatheNoMore on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • Florence you better on your own!!

    Posted by Karl B on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • That was insane! So, so, so, so good!

    Posted by barley123 on Wed 12 Jan, 2011