Florence + the Machine

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Vote Florence And Win ITunes Tracks

Vote Florence And Win iTunes Tracks

Thu 16 Dec, 2010

Voting for iTunes Best Album & Song of 2010 closes this Sunday 19th December.

Be sure to head over to www.bestalbumandsong.co.uk to give your support to Florence who's nominated in both Best Album and Best Song categories.

Not only can you help Flo claim the top spot, but by voting you'll also be automatically entered into the draw to win 10, 000 songs on iTunes.

What are you waiting for? Visit www.bestalbumandsong.co.uk, show Florence some love and enter the competition now.

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  • I’m mining diamonds while dreaming of the distant stars I once held in my hands I’m holding roses waiting around the corner in my heart, as the footsteps draw closer, and her heat follows me like an anchor under the boat, like a white bird ascending through dark oak branches in the middle of the moon…

    Posted by Nit2RockU on Thu 18 Aug, 2011

  • I can see a million miles through the dark and earthly silence, to your beaconing shores and watch in wonder as meteors collide as we orbit here around us noting they come from can catch as we run through the wet grass barefoot on our invisible path in an eternal circle coming toward us over and over…

    Posted by Nit2RockU on Thu 18 Aug, 2011

  • Not fade away

    Posted by Shannonhbohannon on Sun 12 Jun, 2011

  • I love the Lungs album! I have it on c.d AND ipod please please please release a second album or my life will be over xxxxxxxxxxx

    Posted by Between 2 lungs on Sun 15 May, 2011

  • es un album maravilloso, la banda suena muy bien y la voz de florence es unica por su belleza, sigan asi

    Posted by jorge antonio on Mon 09 May, 2011

  • Oh and by the way, please never stop singing...we need some one like you to sing for us and make our Dog Days...

    Posted by Howl1234 on Wed 20 Apr, 2011

  • Florence, I'm recently using your new Lungs CD for a school Project on Power Points...wish me luck. I hope my grade sky-rockets! I LOVE YOOH! ^ ^

    Posted by Howl1234 on Wed 20 Apr, 2011

  • Hello Florence, first: I discovered you on the grammys.... Amazing voice!!!! and love the style:)... I hope to see you soon in Montreal,Quebec(canada)...We love you your music..Continu your good work b'cause you make me feel free with your Lungs album..... Can wait for the next one.. I'll be the first to buy it....Big fan;)

    Posted by jo2d2 on Wed 30 Mar, 2011

  • I can't even breathe....It's just soooo beautiful~

    Posted by sylphair on Thu 10 Mar, 2011

  • p.s. everytime I go into my car I roll the windows down and have your CD blasting so everyone could hear haha[:

    Posted by ChrisC64 on Thu 17 Feb, 2011

  • Florence, you have such a beautiful voice and you have so much passion! I could hear it when you sing and u sound even better on your live performances. You give me chills and i believe a true artist such as yourself is real because your amazing when you sing live! My dream is to see you in concert one day =) that would be amazing! I can't wait until your new album releases! :P i'll be the first to buy it! hehe

    Posted by ChrisC64 on Thu 17 Feb, 2011

  • when is the new album coming out????

    Posted by babygirl on Tue 15 Feb, 2011

  • florence your the best and i love your album lungs it has change the way i think in music and i think thats what all music should do but your music is the only one that makes me feel anything

    Posted by shyrnait on Tue 08 Feb, 2011

  • Love your music!!! Can you PLEASE come to MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA to perform?

    Posted by ashalea on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • Please Pleaase Please come to Australia in 2011!!! xx

    Posted by howl_hanz_98 on Sun 09 Jan, 2011

  • Oh my god Florence ! Lungs changed my taste in music completely ! I know the lyrics to every song on the album and theres not one song i dont love. I'd do anything to see you persorm live!!! my personal favourite songs on the album would have to be Howl, Cosmic Love, Rabbit heart, Drumming Song, Trapped between two lungs and Hurricane drunk! i know thats mostly all the songs but oh well :)

    Posted by howl_hanz_98 on Sun 09 Jan, 2011

  • Florence! I saw you when you came to Chicago earlier this year and your performance changed my life. I know your album forwards and backwards and can't wait until your next one. Please come back to Chicago soon! Keep singing the truth child you are truly a being to be reckoned with.

    Posted by flowerchild289 on Wed 05 Jan, 2011

  • When is your next album to be released? And please could you perform in Nottingham soon? :D

    Posted by dogdaysLewis on Tue 04 Jan, 2011

  • Yay for Florence! You should come to Canada!

    Posted by shane1 on Mon 03 Jan, 2011

  • when are you doing another tour? come to london xxxx

    Posted by HollyMaeBrown xx on Tue 28 Dec, 2010