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Florence Pays The Fans Back With MySpace

Florence Pays The Fans Back With MySpace

Fri 3 Dec, 2010

To celebrate Flo being one of MySpace's most popular artists of 2010 she is saying thanks to all her fans with a very special competition.

Florence will be taking part in MySpace's Pay Back countdown - a competition that sees a different artist giving away a unique money-can't-buy prize to one of their lucky fans* every day.

To enter all you need to do is post #LoveFlorenceAndTheMachine on Flo's Myspace profile right now.

Check out www.myspace.com/fanpayback for more information and to find out what you could win.

*Please note this competition is only open to UK residents.

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  • this is to answer sasha9 question. i seriously doubt any of these comments even get read let alone by florence herself

    Posted by aquaforest on Wed 08 Dec, 2010

  • when is her next tour in the uk ....? x

    Posted by vickygeee on Wed 08 Dec, 2010

  • 100% agree with you sasha9. Why cant she do more stuff in britain, whos constantly supported her, where she was born "/ xx

    Posted by yasminleiigh on Tue 07 Dec, 2010

  • why is she doing so much in america come on do some things more in britain were she comes from

    Posted by sasha9 on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

  • my mum sometimes get annoyed with me because i put florence and the machine on everyday every hour unless i'm out, watching t.v or listening to diffrent music

    Posted by sasha9 on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

  • a question for members like me does flo read any of our comments?

    Posted by sasha9 on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

  • well i wish i could get it and a myspace acount just so i could give it to charity.next year im going to go in a baked bean bath for comic releif.

    Posted by sasha9 on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

  • sadily i dont have myspace :( ..x love ya flo..x:)

    Posted by abbie flo townsend on Mon 06 Dec, 2010

  • are you preforming at any festivals for 2011

    Posted by tommy florence smith on Sun 05 Dec, 2010

  • im british so im fine about it except i cant enter the competion im too young to have a myspace acount im ten

    Posted by sasha9 on Sat 04 Dec, 2010

  • What? Only UK residents? WTF!!! I always check Flo's MySpace page... I'm from Brazil, South America. We don't have Lungs released in here yet... We can't (are forbidden) buy her music in iTunes and now we can't join the competition... we can't do anything!! This make me feel so sad....

    Posted by Thiago Soares on Fri 03 Dec, 2010