Florence + the Machine

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Win Tickets to Letterman

Wed 8 Dec, 2010

NYC - WIN TIX HERE TO SEE FLO LIVE - Don't miss Florence + The Machine's LIVE on Letterman webcast Thursday, Dec 16th @ 8PM

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  • WHYYY can't i find tickets for the nyc show anywhere? i don't understand.

    Posted by tjstein2 on Fri 18 Feb, 2011

  • I am so happy, just found out Florence & the Machine is scheduled to come to Minnesota!!! I really hope I can get tickets.

    Posted by ashalea on Thu 17 Feb, 2011

  • this is the worst website I have ever tried to use JUST WANT TO KNOW THE TOUR SCHEDULE WHERE IS IT

    Posted by ahghuggins on Tue 15 Feb, 2011

  • PLEASE come to MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA for a concert.

    Posted by ashalea on Wed 12 Jan, 2011

  • i was wondering if there is a Pittsburgh concert sometime in 2011?

    Posted by HannahRachel on Wed 22 Dec, 2010

  • can't believe i cant get tickets for next weeks show in NYC, i feel like ive been a fan waaayyy before anyone else,. ive linked the videos from here to my facebook acct. love the whole album,

    Posted by jessicad312 on Sun 12 Dec, 2010

  • aggh, I can't enter, I don't have a facebook :(. But I am going to see you live in Miami next year :)

    Posted by artemis21 on Thu 09 Dec, 2010