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Flo Tweets A Message To Fans

Flo Tweets A Message To Fans

Mon 22 Aug, 2011

Flo has just tweeted a message to all her fans on Twitter, can you guess what it means?

She wrote: "Hello interworld, I'm out of the studio and into the sunshine! Pop over to my website at 5pm tomorrow for a peek at something very special.

"And it's not just footage of me riding my bike in 90's florals...x"

Guess we'd better all be on www.florenceandthemachine.net at 5pm (UK time) tomorrow (Tuesday August 23) then!

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  • I just awoke in Australia so tired! I couldn't sleep all of last night because I was so excited about this news! I have to stay up will 2AM tonight to watch it, and it's gonna be so worth it! Cannot wait, xx!

    Posted by zacandthemachine on Tue 23 Aug, 2011

  • ahhh I'm so exited.. but ill be in school (live in florida)... will it be posted or is it like a live thingy??!? I really hope i get to c t!

    Posted by floislove on Mon 22 Aug, 2011

  • 1st! Omg can't wait! But I think I'm in Weymouth till 6pm tomorrow :( hoping its nothing live because then i would of missed it all. Can't wait to hear the album though, it there a name yet? what's the cover like? Is it as good as the last (which of course it will be)? Really can't wait now, it seems as if its been forever for this to come around but i know it will all be worth it :D

    Posted by firefly155 on Mon 22 Aug, 2011