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Watch - Flo's Wiltern Theater Concert On NPR

Watch - Flo's Wiltern Theater Concert On NPR

Mon 27 Jun, 2011

Last November Flo produced a stunning performance at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles and the great news is you can now watch the concert in full online.

NPR are streaming the set right now, so head to their website and see for yourself why everyone was raving about one of the gigs of the year.

The video is available on NPR until June 28.

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  • are you done touring? i thought i saw a date in toronto,on in november. this is the closest show near me but i cant find tickets anywhere!!!

    Posted by ksefan25 on Sat 03 Sep, 2011

  • words fail to express how much your music and lyrics move me, i have listened to nothing else since. you must tour in QLD australia

    Posted by ankica on Sun 21 Aug, 2011

  • Flo, I want his new album! x.x

    Posted by JuZeppelin on Thu 11 Aug, 2011

  • U got the love, I need to see me through!!!!

    Posted by shelzbelz84 on Fri 05 Aug, 2011

  • come visit iowa next two weeks pretty please

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Sun 31 Jul, 2011

  • same here

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Sun 31 Jul, 2011

  • Amazing. Just Amazing. :)

    Posted by Lone Prayer on Sat 30 Jul, 2011

  • I'm going to be in London in September. Any shows scheduled for late September??

    Posted by jcap1126 on Tue 26 Jul, 2011

  • Flooooo come to Mexico, please:(

    Posted by LuisEd_ on Thu 21 Jul, 2011

  • I only have missed 1 of flo's concert's!

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Tue 19 Jul, 2011

  • florence you are amazing

    Posted by lily_arkwright on Tue 19 Jul, 2011

  • florencee we love youuuuuuu xx

    Posted by Georgia_R on Tue 19 Jul, 2011

  • saw you for the first time you are thank fantastic. it was on so you think you can dance what is the title of that song it realy moved me .thanks

    Posted by heymikee on Mon 11 Jul, 2011

  • I live in London and so does Flo and also does flo read any of these?

    Posted by sasha9 on Sat 09 Jul, 2011


    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Thu 07 Jul, 2011

  • I saw 4 of Flo's concerts and i luved em!!!!!!

    Posted by Iluvflorencedani on Thu 07 Jul, 2011

  • Saw Flo's last two shows, opening for U2 in Nashville and in Indianapolis on July 4. She is awesome, unique, mystical and a great vocalist. Hope to see her again as soon as possible. Stay cool Flo!!

    Posted by jepjo on Tue 05 Jul, 2011

  • Flo and the band rocked out the Fox last night in Atlanta!! Come back soon.

    Posted by buhanan34 on Sat 02 Jul, 2011

  • heard the machine are playing for bono ... next up - the Pope! teheh

    Posted by simonadamallen on Wed 29 Jun, 2011

  • Absolutely lovely, just watched it all and it was amazing! cant wait till you come near or in canada, I must see ur show

    Posted by eight lonely pickles on Tue 28 Jun, 2011